tickford trans-am


50 years ago, Sandown race track witnessed the introduction of a special Ford Mustang that would soon become an icon of Australian motorsport. Driven by Allan Moffat, the car saw 101 victories from 151 races, amongst scores of qualifying and lap records.

That car became the legendary 1969 Trans-Am Boss 302 Mustang or as it became colloquially known, the Coca-Cola Mustang.

In 1969, Ford’s racing division Kar Kraft delivered the M-Code 302 Boss Mustang to Ford US to be raced in the US Trans-Am series. However, with some strong persuasion, one of the seven ’69 Trans-Ams built was brought to Australia to be raced in the Touring Car championship by Allan Moffat. The unique combination of a state-of-the-art Mustang and the skill of Moffat propelled the ’69 Trans-Am into the history books.

And today, Tickford announce their celebration of this unique achievement by drawing on their engineering-led vehicle enhancement program and creating the limited edition Tickford Trans-Am Mustang to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original, in association with Allan.


Additional to the Performance Editions specifications, the Performance Plus Edition adds a special performance brake package and unique Allan Moffat experience.


  • Front brakes feature a Wilwood high-performance, racing red, 6-piston calliper, with 15-rotors, and high-performance brake pads
  • The rears feature Wilwood high-performance, racing red 4-piston callipers, with 14-inch slotted rotors and separate parking brake

Allan Moffat Experience

  • Purchasers of the Performance Plus pack will receive access and inclusion into a number of unique Allan Moffat experiences, hosted by Allan around the country and to provide a greater insight into both the vehicle and the man himself. Given the timings and build date requirements, experiences will be offered dependent upon the customer’s location.


  • Power increase between 10-15%
  • increased power delivery from low and mid rev range
  • Increased torque spread, from low to high rpm
  • Power delivery can be held longer in every gear
  • Can be driven aggressively with access to increased power in a broader rev range
  • Improved/direct transmission response to throttle demand
  • Enhanced driveability and increased power without the expense of supercharging


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