Upgrade from W507 to W557 package,

  • $5,200 – without lifters for vehicles below 20,000 km
  • $5,990 – with lifters for vehicles above 20,000 km


Overwhelming demand from HSV LSA owners across the globe has been the main driver for Walkinshaw Performance’s greatest package to date, the newly released W557. Utilising the ingredients of the already potent W507 and adding a Walkinshaw Performance Spec Cam Shaft, Hi-Flow Injectors and associated componentry unlocks the full potential of the world renowned LSA engine in this package. HSV owners will appreciate the care taken to maintain daily drivability yet unleash when the occasion demands.

In addition to the Walkinshaw Performance Camshaft and Hi Flow Injectors, the package makes use of the WPP Supercharger Pulley Upgrade, WPP Dual Active Cat-back Exhaust, WPP Ceramic Coated Headers, Hi Flow Catalytic Converters and WPP Cold Air Intake.

With a unique Walkinshaw Performance Calibration performed on each W557 the results of this combination are outstanding, delivering extreme power gains but more importantly monstrous amounts of torque above the standard LSA outputs. A true performance enthusiasts package, the W557 will deliver excitement irrespective of where you take it.

Package Contents

  • Walkinshaw Performance Ceramic Coated Headers
  • Walkinshaw Performance Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust
  • Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake
  • Walkinshaw Performance ECU Calibration
  • LSA Solid Isolator Coupling
  • High Flow Injectors
  • WP Camshaft and Valve Spring Upgrade
    • WP Spec Camshaft
    • Cam Sprocket
    • Camshaft Bolt Set
    • Crankshaft Bolt
    • Valve Springs Beehive Style
  • Head gaskets*
  • Head bolts*
  • OEM Lifters*
  • Lifter Guides*
  • W557 Rear Deck Lid Badge & Under Bonnet Plaque
  • W Series Certificate of Authenticity
  • Walkinshaw Performance Drive Line Warranty


Applicable Vehicle(s) All HSV LSA Vehicles
Power 557kW @ 6200rpm
Torque 930Nm @ 4000rpm
Without lifters for vehicles below 20,000 km $ 13,380
with lifters for vehicles above 20,000 km $ 14,410

Upgrade from W507 to W557 package

Without lifters for vehicles below 20,000 km $ 5,200
with lifters for vehicles above 20,000 km $ 5,990

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