Filtration and additives


Without the use high-quality filtration and fuel additives, poor quality fuel can cause poor performance and low efficiency of your diesel engine, and subsequently lead to damages that require expensive repairs.

Filtration and additive products provide lubrication and water control, as well as enhance the performance of your diesel engine. They are used to reduce sludge and fuel tank contaminants in order to upgrade and stabilize the fuel in your engine.

They also prevent fuel waxing problems, and algae growth in your fuel tank, which can be destructive to your diesel engine fuel system. Thus, you require high-quality filtration and fuel additives to clean and protect the components of your diesel fuel system such as your injectors and pumps and lubricate them to reduce their wear and tear.

For instance, high-quality injection cleaners help elongate the lifespan of your injector so that it delays your need for a replacement.

Enhance the Performance Of Your Fuels System
A high-quality filtration and additive product cleans your injector and lubricates your fuel injection component to enhance the performance of your fuel system, ensure the smooth running of your engine, and restore lost power and fuel economy.

At Flash Diesel, we offer a wide range of premium filtration and fuel additive products that support new emission standards, to help enhance and maintain the high performance of your diesel engine. Our fuel additives have cetane improver, which makes starting your vehicle easier and results in complete combustion and less smoke.

In addition, our expert technicians are experts at handling all diesel filtration issues and utilize high-quality fuel additives for an excellent diesel engine maintenance session. We guarantee that our filtration and fuel additives will help enhance your engine horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, as well as extend your engine maintenance intervals.