Diesel Chip


Although diesel engines have excellent torque delivery and fuel economy, their manufacturers often leave their ECU at standard factory settings. These factory setting are often limiting, as they are set for satisfactory running. However, enough room is always left for improvement, which can be done with a diesel chip.

Diesel chips are vehicle components that can be used to improve diesel engine performance. Turbocharged diesel vehicles have forced induction, which enables the manipulations of the boost and mixture setting, to improve its performance.

Installing a diesel chips does not require any wiring or cutting, as it is a plug and play device that is simply connected to your vehicle to work with your electronic control unit. They may also be removed easily at any time.

Get Increased Diesel Engine Performance With High-Quality Diesel Chips
Diesel performance chips enable the enhancement of some parameters in the diesel engine control unit to increase the diesel engine performance. However, there are several different diesel chip models in the market, which makes it difficult for you to find one that is efficient and suitable for your vehicle.
Improve Your Diesel Engine’s Efficiency With Upgraded Intercoolers

Flash Diesel WA partners with trusted manufacturers only to provide you with high-quality diesel chips that have been expertly designed to deliver a smooth increase in your diesel engine performance as well as improvement in your fuel economy. We also have professional technicians on standby, who are experienced diesel chip experts and can efficiently install an exceptional diesel chip that will surpass your expectation.