WP 2300 Package

The Walkinshaw Performance 230 Supercharger assembly and matching aliminium coil covers are black powder coated for durability with highlighted fins and Walkinshaw Performance logo that will make a statement in any engine compartment while still retaining the factory fit and appearance. The kit not only looks great but it will dramatically improve your vehicles horsepower and torque with its unique 12″ long intake runners and front drive/front inlet system which reduces parasitic loss and eliminates the need for costly and inefficient secondary belt drives. The Unique Walkinshaw Performance designed intercooler housing and coil covers fully integrate with the OE style fitment for all VE and VF Commodores.

Fitment of the package take approx 2 working days and starts with our trained WP technicians fitting the WP230 high output positive displacement supercharger and intercooler package to your vehicle. Once all the components are fitted, we re-calibrate your vehicle’s ECU on the dyno utilizing the latest tuning software and then complete the upgrade process by testing your vehicle on the road to make final adjustments, optimizing you vehicles performance and drive ability without any compromise.  The package runs a healthy 8 psi of boost and is a supercharger package for the customer who wants the torque and performance synonymous with positive displacement superchargers while still maintaining idle quality and drive ability. At the end of this upgrade you will be presented with a Walkinshaw Performance certificate of Authenticity along with the unique option of a Full drive line warranty for the balance of the manufacturers new vehicle warranty for eligible vehicles.


Walkinshaw Performance 230 Supercharger

Included in the WP230 Supercharger Package:

  •  1 x Large high flow injectors
  •  1 x Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 Series (TVS) Gen VI rotors
  •  1 x Water to air intercooler package
  •  1 x Custom molded heater hoses
  •  1 x Cast aluminium coil covers
  •  1 x Full dyno tune from an authorised Walkinshaw Performance Centre
  •  1 x Unique Walkinshaw Performance injection molded cold air intake package
  •  1 x Heavy duty serpentine belt drive system utilizing Goodyear ‘Gatorback’ belt
  •  1 x 12” long intake runners
  •  1 x Custom molded intercooler hoses
  •  1 x Self contained oil system
  •  1 x Walkinshaw Performance Corporate badge
  •  1 x Walkinshaw performance Certificate of Authenticity
  •  1 x 2 years Unlimited Product Warranty or Full drive line warranty for the balance of the manufacturers new vehicle warranty for eligible vehicles
  •  1 x All labour to fit / dyno tune / test

 Final Figure: UP TO 480kW & 860Nm of Torque

 Price: From $15,850