WP FTP SuperUte Package

Power to the Passion.

Inspired by the debut of the WP SuperUte at this years Motor show in Melbourne, Walkinshaw Performance FTP have put together their ultimate SuperUte package to give your HSV or VE Ute enhanced power and handling with looks to match.

From the minute you turn the key of your Walkinshaw performance enhanced Super Ute, it has a more notable rumble from the free flowing WP dual 3″ exhaust which is also more vocal during spirited driving and a reminder that this is no ordinary Ute. From a standstill the WP Supercharged engine endows the large Ute with effortless acceleration and even at moderate throttle applications you are delivered a generous shove back into the WP embossed head rests… Flatten the accelerator and you and your car are propelled into another universe where time stands still.

This extra performance is complimented by improved braking and handling with new WP Bilstein suspension package allows for more spirited driving with stiffer Springs with your car now sitting 30mm closer to the ground to reduce leaning through corners for improved stability, giving the driver the sort of confidence required to slowly feed more power to the rear wheels. The handling is finished off with a WP Brake upgrade working to briskly slow the vehicle while the brake pedal remains firm and progressive, better allowing the car’s performance to be experienced.

The final touches are left for the inside and outside of the car where splashes of Walkinshaw again remind you and your friends that his is no ordinary vehicle but one to be respected!


Walkinshaw Performance SuperUte

Included in the SuperUte Package:


  •     1 x WP Supercharger Package. 
  •         Power 480Kw @6000rpm
  •         Torque 86oNm @ 4500rpm
  •     1 x WP Super Sport header with High flow Metal cats. 
  •     1 x WP Dual 3″ Polished Stainless steel Cat back exhaust system with WP Dual billet outlets.


  •     1 x WP Upgraded lowered Spring and Shock absorber package re calibrated in conjunction with Bilstein.


  •     1 x Front kit  – 365mm ‘S’ groove – deep annulus ventilated and floating discs with WP embossed 6-piston callipers. 
  •     1 x Rear kit – 335mm ‘S’ groove ventilated disc with WP embossed 4-piston callipers.


  •     1 x WP logo headrests.
  •     1 x WP logo arm rest (Console Lid).
  •     1 x WP logo mat set.
  •     1 x WP logo still plates.


  •     1 x WP Carbon fibre rear boot spoiler.
  •     1 x WP Carbon fibre Mirror Caps.
  •     1 x WP Corporate logo badge.
  •     1 x WP Smart Antenna.

Price: $29,990 – Not Including Vehicle