W547 Package

As the name suggests, the W547 pack hikes outputs to a rampant 547kW and 880Nm, and is compatible with anything powered by GM’s naturally aspirated LS3 V8 — meaning all Holden MY16 VFII Commodore SS models and all MY2012-2015 HSVs except the GTS.

That’s right, for $25,990 supplied and fitted, WPP’s latest supercharger package offers a V8 Supercar-beating 730hp-plus power output, whether it’s in a 340kW HSV or a 304kW Holden Commodore SS.


Nobody knows performance like Walkinshaw.

Flywheel Power: 547kW / 880Nm

Price: $25,990 Supplied & Fitted

Model Compatibility: HSV Gen-F & Gen-F2 N/A 6.2ltr and VF2 SS Commodore



As with all of Walkinshaw’s W Series packs – of which almost 2000 have been sold and fitted — the W547 comes with a WPP driveline warranty.

Walkinshaw, which owns both WPP and HSV, makes no modifications to the gearbox (six-speed manual or auto) or driveline as part of the W547 pack and says its WPP Drive Line Warranty lasts the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

As well as the addition of an Eaton Twin Vortice 2300 Series supercharger, requisite plumbing and the fitment of a water-to-air intercooler, the Chevrolet-sourced V8s get new internals including upgraded camshafts, cam sprockets, crank bolts, valve spring retainers, valve stem locks and a new exhaust system — see the full list below.12189309_342402069263442_7243013275770722728_o

“With the launch of VFII it makes sense for WPP to release one of its most exciting W Series packages yet,” said the company’s general manager Tony Harris, noting the package took years to develop.

The WPP boss said that while the 547kW power figure is an incredible achievement, he observed that “It’s not necessarily about the power and torque, it’s really about how well the package is put together and how well it drives,” he said.

Walkinshaw V8Supercar team owner Charlie Schwerkolt commented: “This is the newest and most powerful Walkinshaw Performance package ever made, and the lucky customers who purchase one of these upgrades will have more power at their hands than what is experienced in our race car.”


W547 Package features:

  • WP230 Supercharger
  • Large high-flow injectors
  • Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 Series (TVS) Gen VI rotors
  • Water-to-air intercooler package
  • Custom moulded heater hoses
  • Cast aluminium coil covers
  • Unique Walkinshaw Performance injection moulded cold air intake package
  • Heavy duty serpentine belt drive system with Goodyear ‘Gatorback’ belt
  • 12-inch long intake runners
  • Custom moulded intercooler hoses
  • Self-contained oil system
  • WP Camshaft and Valve Spring Upgrade
  • OEM Spec Camshaft
  • Cam Sprocket
  • Crank Bolt
  • Camshaft Bolt Set
  • Valve Spring Retainers
  • Valve Stem Locks
  • Valve Springs Beehive Style
  • WPP Ceramic Coated Headers
  • WPP Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust
  • WPP Drive Line Warranty
  • W547 Badging
  • W547 Certificate of Authenticity
  • Full dyno tune from an authorised Walkinshaw Performance Centre



Flywheel Power: 547kW / 880Nm

Price: $25,990 Supplied & Fitted

Model Compatibility: HSV Gen-F & Gen-F2 N/A 6.2ltr and VF2 SS Commodore

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