“Largely designed and developed in-house at the racing and engineering facility of its Prodrive parent company at Campbellfield in Victoria, the Tickford range of ‘personalisation products’ is focused on beefing up the looks as well as on-road performance and handling of the Thai-built workhorse.” Chris Fincham, Motoring.com.au

In keeping with brand tradition the Ranger’s interior can be given the TICKFORD treatment.

TICKFORD’s Interior Package includes, among other features, an upgrade to OEM-Spec leather front and rear seats which have been tested to make sure they do not impact on the side-airbag deployment.



Optional on the pack is a suede and perforated-leather TICKFORD steering wheel along with TICKFORD aluminium door sill plates.


TICKFORD Leather Interior

Front & Rear OEM-Spec TICKFORD Leather Seats

OEM Spec Leather Centre Console & Door Inserts (XLT Only)

Total Fitted by TICKFORD:


$3,905 inc GST



TICKFORD Steering Wheel

Perforated Leather & Suede Steering Wheel

Total Fitted by TICKFORD:


$730 inc GST



TICKFORD Door Sill Plates

Total Fitted by TICKFORD:


$105 inc GST

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