LSA Stage 1

Gen-F Series LSA Stage 1

  • Flywheel Power:485KW
  • Price:$1,782
  • Model Compatibility:F-Series GTS


“Impressive power for entry level upgrade with no down side”

The new VF LSA Stage 1 upgrade starts with our trained technician fitting a larger cold air induction system with a reusable air filter to increase the engine’s breathing capabilities.We then custom tune your vehicle’s ECU on the dyno utilizing the latest ECU tuning software to maximize power and fuel efficiency.

We complete the upgrade process by testing your vehicle on the road to make final adjustments, optimizing your vehicle’s performance and driveability. This is all completed in a day and at the end of this upgrade you will provided with a dyno graph detailing the power & torque increase of your vehicle.

Package Includes

  • 1 x ECU – reprogram
  • 1 x Cold air induction
  • 1 x Dyno graph
  • 1 x All labour to fit / tune / test