Ford Falcon BA-BF Non Turbo

Exhaust package


DPE Exhaust package for Ford Falcon BA-BF Non turbo. Tri-Y stainless steel Header, finished in high temp paint, also available in ceramic coating.the header has a 1 3/4” primary with 2” secondary’s the go right down to the cat with a 2 1/2” out let.this allows the motor to make more power through the hole rev range. 21/2 inch Hi-flow stainless steel cats are a 200 cell metal cat.  They have a huge flow rate and suit most cars. 2 1/2”  Muffler is a straight through design.Only comes in stainless steel. It will also bolt up to the factory cat, if you are chasing just the system ( cat back ). 2 1/2” straight through rear muffler.  Only in stainless steel has  dual 2” out lets. we also have stainless steel tips with the DPE logo on them.
DPE-BF-v6-none-turbo-sedan DPE-BF-v6-none-turbo-ute

Air Intake

A great induction growl, expect to gain up to 16rwkw power increase (turbo models), significantly increased torque and throttle response and better fuel economy. The five-part kit consists of plastic pod-style airbox with lid, the Big Mouth rewashable pod filter, standard induction cap and the unique aluminium air scoop.

(Fits All BA-BF turbo and none turbo 6cyl models)

Price: $559.00

Custom Dyno tuning $650



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