Diesel passenger vehicles like your Toyota vehicle have several benefits over gasoline vehicles. They have higher better fuel economy, more power and torque, increased lifespan, and are easier to maintain.  They are great for mobility both in urban cities and rural areas, as well as for off-road activities that involves driving through vegetation, mud or on the rocks.

However, Toyota vehicle, just like other passenger cars come with standard factory settings which limits the performance of your vehicle. Therefore, you need a professional Toyota diesel engine tuning service that will provide you with more power and torque, enhance your speed, and increase your fuel economy.

ModelLandcruiser 200 (08-17)Landcruiser 70 (08-17)Prado (06-15)Hilux (07-15)
Engine4.5 Litre TT/D4.5 Litre TT/D3 Litre TT/D3 Litre TT/D
Standard195 Kw151 Kw127 Kw120 Kw
Standard650 Nm480 Nm410 Nm343 Nm
FlashDiesel230 Kw205 Kw165 Kw165 Kw
FlashDiesel778 Nm650 Nm530 Nm530 Nm


When you opt for a Toyota diesel tune at Flash Diesel, you are choosing a professional tuning solution that is customized specifically for your Toyota vehicle and setup to enhance the performance of your particular diesel engine. Our professional technicians are highly trained experts who can diesel tune your Toyota vehicle, irrespective of its model.

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