Several parts and facilities of your Jeep draw power from your diesel engine as you use them while driving your vehicle, either off-road or on tarred roads. For instance, turning your air conditioning unit while driving can draw so much power from your engine that you may not have enough to overtake smoothly, or encounter a problem when driving up a sloping road.

The problem is not that your Jeep lacks the capability to carry out several tasks effortlessly, but that it is limited by the standard factory settings of its ECU. Thus, to unleash the hidden capability of your Jeep diesel engine, you need an outstanding Jeep diesel tuning service that will improve your engine power and torque, as well as increase your fuel economy.

ModelWrangler 2011 – 2016Wrangler 2007 – 2011Cherokee 2014 – 2015Cherokee 2008 – 2012Grand Cherokee 2013 – 2016Grand Cherokee 2010 – 2013Grand Cherokee 2005 – 2010
Engine2.8 Litre T/D2.8 Litre T/D2 Litre T/D2.8 Litre T/D3 Litre T/D3 Litre T/D3 Litre T/D
Standard147 Kw130 Kw125 Kw130 Kw183 Kw177 Kw160 Kw
Standard460 Nm400 Nm350 Nm460 Nm570 Nm550 Nm510 Nm
FlashDiesel175 Kw155 Kw150 Kw155 Kw212 Kw209 Kw198 Kw
FlashDiesel550 Nm520 Nm425 Nm500 Nm630 Nm630 Nm600 Nm


At Flash Diesel WA, we diesel tune your Jeep to give you more power and torque while maintaining a safe exhaust temperature and emission level that would not affect your vehicle or the environment. We carry out extensive research and development when creating our tuning software to provide you with a high-quality software that is customized to your specific diesel vehicle and your needs.

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We diesel tune your Jeep engine, adjusting the settings of your ECU where suitable, to boost the performance of your diesel vehicle. Contact us at 08 9494 2424

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