Flash Diesel Tuning Perth


Bring your vehicle to life with more power, more torque and improved fuel economy. Formula Tech Dyno Centre now offer diesel tuning services for wide range of diesel vehicles.

Flash Diesel is Australia’s #1 national diesel performance tuning service. Developed in Australia for Australian conditions, Flash Diesel WA uses precision calibration equipment and techniques to reprogram your vehicle’s ECU, much in the same way that the manufacturer does. Flash Diesel ECU Remapping Technology is engineered to be completely safe for your vehicle, engine, and transmission. Formula Tech Performance is now authorised agent and distributor of Flash Diesel in Western Australia.



On average, a Flash Diesel WA tune will usually result in 20% more power, 15% more torque, and a 5% reduction in fuel consumption. Because we custom write each calibration (or tune file) to suit the customers requirements, these figures may be higher or lower depending on their needs. ECU remapping is particularly beneficial for improving fuel economy when towing, and for vehicles that have undergone aftermarket modifications.

Key benefits include:
» More power when you need it    
» No more flat spots
» Increased torque    
» Improved fuel economy (more km’s to the tank)
» Better throttle response, improved pedal feel and smoother acceleration
All tuning files are developed and written locally and can be customised for individual applications and requirements. Whether it’s for towing, fuel economy, outright power or aftermarket modifications, we can tailor the tune to suit your needs.What vehicles are suitable?
Flash Diesel is not just suitable for 4×4’s, we can tune a wide range of vehicles including the following:
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